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Annotated Information


MIR2052HG:MIR2052 host gene


MIR2052HG(other names:FLJ39080, LOC441355) is a LncRNA gene located on chromosome 8q21.11.[1]


The Knockdown of MIR2052HG[1].

MIR2052HG affects ESR1 and ERα expression and proliferation, colony formation, and response to AIs in ERα-positive breast cancer cell lines.[1]


Functional genomic studies in lymphoblastoid cell lines and ERα-positive breast cancer cell lines shows that expression from MIR2052HG and the ESR1 gene encoding estrogen receptor-α(ERα) is induced by estrogen and AI(aromatase inhibitors) in a SNP-dependent manner. [1]


MIR2052HG is expressed in multiple breast cancer cell lines, including ERα-positive cell lines, according to the Cancer Genomics Hub.[1]


Breast Cancer[1]

Labs working on this lncRNA

  • Division of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.


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