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AA174084 long noncoding RNA potentially may play a role during Gastric Cancer development

Annotated Information


AA174084 (also known simply as AA) is a gastric juice long noncoding RNA [1]




lncRNA-AA174084 is a tumor-suppressor gene which was suggested to play a tumor-suppressor role in Gastric Cancer (GC) tumorigenesis (including tumor initiation, progression, metastasis and prognosis) and proposed as a potential biomarker for screening EGC. [2]

Function Mechanism: tumor suppression

Biological Process: pathogenic process

Description: biomarker


AA174084 average expression level in adjacent normal tissues was 3.18 times the average level in GC tissues[2]

Expression levels of AA174084 were down‐regulated significantly in 95 of 134 GC tissues (71%) compared with the levels in paired, adjacent, normal tissues (P < .001). [2]


Disease: gastric cancer [2]

Dysfunction type: expression

Description: AA174084 may have potential as marker for the early diagnosis of GC

Labs Working

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Pathophysiology,Ningbo University, China


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