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Annotated Information

Approved Symbol

SMILR: smooth muscle induced lncRNA, enhancer of proliferation [1]

RP11-94a24.1 [1]



RefSeq(supplied by NCBI)



SMILR is located ~750 kbp downstream of HAS2 on the same (reverse) strand and ~350 kbp from ZHX2 and ~750 kbp from HAS2-AS1 on the opposite strand of chromosome 8 [1]. The longest open reading frame(ORF) within SMILR is 57 amino acids [1].

Localization of SMILR.(A)RNA FISH analysis of SMILR,cytoplasmic UBC mRNA,and nuclear SNORD3 RNA in HSVSMC.(B)25±5 individual SMILR molecules were observed within the nucleus and cytoplasm. [1].

Cellular Localization

SMILR is located in both nucleus and cytoplasm [1].


SMILR is expressed highest in heart [1]. It is differentially expressed in human saphenous vein-derived smooth muscle cells following stimulation with interleukin-1α and platelet-derived growth factor [1]. ​Increased expression of SMILR is observed in unstable atherosclerotic plaques, and plasma from patients with high plasma C-reactive protein [1].


SMILR acts as a driver of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation [1]. Knockdown of SMILR markedly reduced cell proliferation and HAS2 expression was also reduced by SMILR knockdown [1].


SMILR expression can be regulated by IL1α or PDGF and it is a time-dependent manner [1].


  • Cardiovascular disease

Labs working on this lncRNA

  • BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • British Heart Foundation/University of Edinburgh Centre for Cardiovascular Science, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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