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Name Transcript ID Alias Description Disease
EGFR-AS1 EGFR-AS1 N/A EGFR antisense RNA 1 _
EGOT NONHSAT087635 "EGO, ""eosinophil granule ontogeny"", NCRNA00190, ""non-protein coding RNA 190"", ENSG00000235947" Eosinophil granule ontogeny (EGO) RNA breast cancer
ELFN1-AS1 ELFN1-AS1 N/A ELFN1 antisense RNA 1 _
EMX2OS lnc-PDZD8-3:1 "EMX2-AS1, NCRNA00045, ""non-protein coding RNA 45"",ENSG00000229847" Emx2 opposite strand transcript. _
ENTPD3-AS1 ENTPD3-AS1 FLJ36665 ENTPD3 antisense RNA 1 _
EPB41L4A-AS1 EPB41L4A-AS1 TIGA1 EPB41L4A antisense RNA 1 cancer
EPB41L4A-AS2 EPB41L4A-AS2 FLJ11235 EPB41L4A antisense RNA 2 (head to head) _
ERC2-IT1 ERC2-IT1 Po42 ERC2 intronic transcript 1 _
ERICD Lnc-CHRAC1-2:1 "TCONS_00014875, ERIC" E2F1-regulated inhibitor of cell death (non-protein coding) _
ERICH1-AS1 ERICH1-AS1 N/A ERICH1 antisense RNA 1 _
ESRG ENST00000583516.1 HESRG embryonic stem cell related (non-protein coding) embryonal carcinoma, intracranial aneurism
Evf2 lnc-DLX5-3:1 "Evf-2, Dlx6as1, Dlx6os1, ENSG00000231764" _ _
EWSAT1 EWSAT1 FLJ33768 Ewing sarcoma associated transcript 1 Ewing sarcoma
EXOC3-AS1 EXOC3-AS1 N/A EXOC3 antisense RNA 1 _
EXTL3-AS1 EXTL3-AS1 N/A EXTL3 antisense RNA 1 _
ELF3-AS1 ELF3-AS1 ENST00000415582 ELF3 antisense RNA 1 Papillary Thyroid Cancer