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Annotated Information

Expression pattern of KRT7-AS and KRT7 mRNAs in cell lines and tissues.[1]
Regulatory function of KRT7-AS overexpression to KRT7.[1]
Regulatory function of KRT7 mRNA downregulation to KRT7-AS and the rescue effect of KRT7-AS overexpression in KRT7 mRNA-downregulated cells.[1]

Approved Symbol

KRT7-AS (KRT7 antisense RNA 1)






KRT7-AS is localized to the nucleus and it shares a 213-nucleotide-long region with the seventh exon of KRT7.[1]


KRT7-AS levels are much lower than KRT7 mRNA levels in the same samples. In MKN28 and KATOIII cells, KRT7-AS is 61 and 41 fold lower than KRT7 mRNA (P<0.01).


KRT7-AS and KRT7 mRNA form a duplex RNA-RNA structure at their overlapping region, which can increase KRT7 mRNA stability and protect KRT7 mRNA from degradation.[1] The overexpressed KRT7-AS in gastric cancer cells leads to increased proliferation and migration.[1]


gastric cancer [1]

Labs working on this lncRNA

  • Department of Gastroenterology, Tongji Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.
  • Division of Gastroenterology, Departments of Medicine and Oncology and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA.


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